ProActivo provides various services to owners of holiday homes for private use and / or rental. We also provide various services to urbanizations.

Budget Friendly

ProActivo stands for a good price / quality ratio. ProActivo has very competitive prices to keep our customers satisfied.


ProActivo is a young dynamic company that wants to grow together with its customers. We are always available for suggestions or additional services towards our customers.



Key management

ProActivo takes over your key management. This way you can be sure that u can leave your holiday home with peace of mind and that there is always a key at the location. We inspect your home once every 2 weeks on the in- and outside. After every control we send you an email with all our findings. When problems occur, we can take immediate action and solve the problem as soon as possible, of course after consulting you first. If required, we can arrange certain things for you, f.e. putting out the garden chairs, ventilate or, if necessary, put on the airconditioning/heating so U can arrive in a pleasant environment.


Mailbox Service

A crowded, bulging mailbox is for bad-intentioned people an indication that your home isn’t occupied for an extended period of time and that the chance that they be disturbed, at f.e. burglary, is small. In addition, important documents can go missing or be forgotten, with potentially far-reaching consequences. No need to worry. We’ll empty your mailbox and sort your mail by importance. We deliver you the necessary letters/documents by mail. The other post we keep and deliver this to you personally.


Reception service

ProActivo provide the keys to your holiday home to your tenants and takes it back at reception on departure. This way the tenants that stay in your holiday home have a contact person on the spot if there are any questions or problems. Furthermore, we can show the tenants of your holiday home around the home and provide them with explanations where necessary; f.e. how the alarm or the airconditioning works, etc. If the tenants wish, we provide them a list of attractions, dining/restaurants and shopping nearby.


Preparation purchase

If you wish to purchase a property at the Costa Blanca North Region, it seems appropriate that you first meet the various villages of this region before choosing a specific place to find a suitable home. We work together with several renowned sales agents who can help you in your own language. Once you have chosen your property, we will refer you to our Gestor who then will assist you with mandatory legal affairs, compile or review the provisional purchase contract, review and modify the deed of sale, pending debts on the property, taxes and legacy. Buying in a foreign country goes with other rules and laws. This gestor only carries your interests at heart, they work in your assignment, independent of real estate agents and other intermediaries.


Restaurants / Sightseeing

Usually, tourists sail on the best-known, most expensive and most eccentric places and restaurants. The most beautiful places and restaurants are these in small villages, away from tourism. Once you wish to settle, integration is necessary, just as you need to learn the Spanish language. We can assist you perfectly in all areas.


Utilities - Social Security

For some time now, we offer our clients, outside of the other services, an administrative service. Our service implies that we arrange everything for the application or modification of utility contracts. But it goes much further than providing you with all necessary contracts of water, gas or electricity, and also includes internet, telecominication, social security, ...



We work with a moving company that operates weekly between Belgium and Spain. Here too we can arrange everything from A till Z. As mentioned earlier on our site, we also provide a key service that allows us to arrange everything while you are in your home country. Also for the furnishing of your (holiday) home, you can rely on us because we work with a furniture store that supplies quality furniture.



If you wish to settle down here and you have children, we can help you find the best school for your daughter and/or son. Also for the registration and / or contacts (e.g. parenting contact, personal contact with the teachers, ...) you can rely on us.


Import-purchase cars

Would you like to import your vehicle in Spain? Then you have come to the right place. We make sure that the vehicle is checked, enrolled and provided with the new assigned license plates.


Cleaning service

Cleaning of holiday homes is always different than cleaning private ones. When cleaning holiday homes, we clean up everything, empty the fridge, change all bed linen, remove the garbage. When cleaning holiday homes, it is always very important that everything is ready in time for the next tenants. So sometimes the tenants leave and that same day the following ones arrive. That's no problem for ProActivo.

Of course, we provide the same service to owners who visit their holiday home once in a while.


Laundry service

In most cases when you rent a holiday home to your guests, you provide them with a linen package with sheets, towels, etc. ProAvtivo takes care of the washing and changing of this linen package for the next tenants. We recommend that you provide your house with a double linen package.


Grocery service

ProActivo provides your refrigerator with the goods you want, so you can relax after your flight instead of filling your refrigerator.




ProActivo has its own maintenance service. We provide you with a solution to your problems or improve certain matters. For larger installations we work with skilled professionals. We can also give you consulting concerning works, security, etc.












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